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The Words Behind These Walls......

Welcome to GASP

WHERE, Grown And Sexy People

CAN READ, Grown And Sexy Poetry


WATCH, Grown And Sexy POETS

EXPRESS, Grown And Sexy Passion

Hello, Hey, How are you doing? Don’t you just love that? GASP.

Now enjoy this for a minute. (

I, Rewop will be your GASP guide thru this journey and I will be introducing you to some wonderful, amazing erotic poets from all over the world. Some of them will take us on the ride of our lives while others will introduce us to the love of sex. Some will tell us what they can do in bed while others gone be all in our head, or giving us head or just talking about head, oral sex for you squares and/or politically correct. Lol Some will tantalize, while others are going to arouse all your senses with words. So get your candles, burn your incense, take a bubble bath because it’s going to get hot.

But before I go on, let me take this time to introduce myself, as stated, the name is Rewop. Check it out in reverse. I am all that and a bag of chips, let me tell it, but you may want to know who I really am. Read my bio. Any who, I am a erotic, revolutionary, religious, spiritual, hip hop, R&B, neo soul, trap music (recent inductee to this one), pop, rock, reggae, Adams Rib, Coochie Chronicles and Punany poet. Like I said, I’m all that and a bag of chips. You will learn more about me as we get into the journey that is GASP.

As your GASP guide I am going to use this outlet to inform you of all things hot, sexy, steamy, and passionate going on in the world of erotic poetry. That means if there is an erotic show taking place in your city, WE are going to make sure it’s on my page. If there is an erotic poet out there that is a must see and must hear. WE are going to make sure I see and hear that poet. If there is a stripper, bdsm-er, transgender, lgbtq etc –er out there who also has and performs erotic poetry and/or spoken-word, WE are going to get me to them or them to me. Look at that, you barely do any work.

Now, lets discuss some GASP rules before WE go any further into the GASP journey because I do not want you all up in the GASP bedroom acting all judgmental and sh-- sending comments about how this person nasty or that person need to get a room.

GASP rules:

  1. GASP is not for the squeamish. If your not having sex (your probably dead) then keep your miserable (yes you are) thoughts, no write that piece and send it to GASP I’m sure its going to be amazing.

This was stated due to the definite possibility that there will be moments when u will clutch your pearls, close your legs or even fan yourself. You may find yourself thinking you’re in the Five Heartbeats and you’re squirming in your seat like Eddie Kane standing in front of you singing House of Love. (See Yes, it’s going to get like that and yes your GASP guide may refer to a video to get her point across. Lol

  1. You will be introduced to some seriously sexy, erotic, nasty, educational, poetry written and spoken by some seriously sexy, freaky, dirty mind and mouth having, probably not doing this at home, doing this everyday at home, educated and amazing ass poets.(oops, my goal was not to curse but the cats out the bag now)

There will be lessons and blessings in these words, what to and what not to do within these words, some sexy ass people behind these words and just some cool as catch phrases to take from these words.

  1. Don’t be afraid, be prepared

Be prepared to have some amazing dreams thinking about some freaky ass situations. Be prepared to change the sheets, your underwear, your sex life, and/or your relationship and be prepared to feel the urge to want to meet and greet said poets, support said poets, feed said poets, fuck said poet, suck said poet. It happens. Ijs

Now that the rules are out of the way we can go on with our conversation. I know, you thought I was about to go in and be like you cant say this, you cant say that, nope, you can say everything that you want to say but remember to keep it GROWN and SEXY. Like I said this is where you get to read Grown And Sexy Poetry performed by some Grown And Sexy Poets. GASP

With that said, let’s talk about sex baby, lets talk about sex ( Yep, your GASP guide may also have music video flashbacks occasionally also. Lol

So let’s talk about sex in poetry because this is what GASP is all about and this is where erotic poetry has a voice, a purr, a roar, a sexy whisper and maybe some handcuffs and a whip to get you in the mood and its all done using the power of words and of course little ole me.

So here’s what else your GASP guide will do for you, I am going to interview two GASP poets a month so that you can get to know them, follow them, support them, and go to their shows and I am going to read all erotic poetry and watch all erotic videos submitted to I will choose erotic poems and/or videos to be showcased on the site, so go there right now and subscribe so that if you should want to submit that freaky poem you been holding on to, you can.

Last but not least I will be blessing you with this monthly blog where I will tell you a little something about my myself, introduce my featured poets for the month, comment on some of the poems and videos submitted, and guide you to the nearest erotic poetry and/or spoken-word set, show, open mic and event in your area with your help, of course.

(Begins in February) I will also guide you to any info educational or otherwise in regard to having a great and safe sex life on this blog. Yes, I want you to have fun, get your freak on, do nasty things and be safe while doing it.

So by now I’m sure your like, so who are you interviewing this month?

Well, being that I’m a Punany Poet it’s only right that I feature some Punany Poets.

So please let me introduce you to the amazing, wonderful, scorpio-licious, and exquisitely sexy poet, Ms Jessica Holter. She is not a Punany Poet, she is the creator and the mind behind the Punany Project, she just happens to perform also. Jessica has been performing and sharing erotic poetry via the Punany Projects number of amazing shows for over 20 years all across the country. At the same time she has given other erotic poets the opportunity to share her stage and her message with her. I am one those poets and it is an honor to be able to share her with you. So please take some time out and read her interview, friend her, tweet her, or go check out a Punany Poets show. I maybe there and you should be there too.

My second feature is the King of Erotic Poetry, a Punany Poet, and one handsome, passionate, sexy, sex talking motherfucker, which is why he goes by the name of Bo Mother-Fucking Ellis. Bo describes his poetry as a cross between the raw comedy of Redd Foxx and the sexual passion of Hugh Hefner. I would describe his poetry as one great night of amazing sex doing all the things you thought you would never do but you will need to read the interview if you want to find out more.

I got to get you to read my articles so I figured what better way to do it then to set the bar high by interviewing two amazing poets who do this erotic thing for real, in real life, all across the country, on various stages, in front of everyday people like you and me and I’m sure that WE would like to know if it’s true what they say.

Is erotic poetry just entertainment (got that from Bo MF Ellis)) or are erotic poets fucking like they talking? Ijs, enquiring minds want to know and WE are enquiring minds, right.


The words behind these walls gone cause u to GASP

Clutch your pearls, cross your legs, because you don’t want to ask

Where u learn to talk like that, they need to wash your mouth out with soap

Because the poetry behind these walls gone make grown men hard

And have grown women’s panties soaked

The words behind these walls gone cause u to GASP

Because the poets behind these walls gone cause you to grasp

Onto bed sheets, headboards, and your office desk,

Cause you to grab a towel cause you gone make a mess

Step into the boudoir that is Grown and Sexy Poetry at its best. GASP

See ya on the tour in February

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