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Bo Ellis - The King of Shit Talking

When one of your biggest influences is Dolemite and one of your favorite artist is Bobby Womack you can’t help but be a smooth talker and this artist is definitely that. Born and bred in Pontiac Michigan, he hit his first stage at age 9 and has been performing poetry professionally for 18 years as of today. He is considered the king of erotic poetry and as he tells it he is also the king of shit talking and the unofficial best dressed poet in the game. He is handsome, sexy, cocky, and funny and with poems that brag about his sexual prowess and his tongue work, you can’t help but be enthralled, if you have seen him perform live. But he knows a lot more than how to promote sex, he encourages sex, he speaks of good sex, he insist on safe sex, and yea he loves sex. So let the shit talking begin.

GASP: So tell the world who you are?

I’m Bo Motherfucking Ellis

GASP: when did you first start writing?

Bo: 4th grade I was a rapper known as chilling Bo

GASP: You mentioned earlier that Dolemite was one of your biggest influences. Why

Bo: I love me some Dolemite when I first got into the poetry game. I was told I could play him if they made a remake of his movies. Dolemite talks shit and I love talking shit and I believe I can back up the shit I talk plus I haven’t been called out for talking shit although to the people who know I’m not talking shit it’s not shit talking its just being to honest. I’m waiting on somebody to call me out for talking shit. I’m sure my time is coming.

GASP: So what kind of shit do you talk on stage?


GASP: Do you like/love sex?

Bo: Depending on my mood, sex is my favorite topic most of the time, not all of the time. I’m talking about sex because it’s such a beautiful topic to discuss. I mean from the way it feels, from what got you there, from the “I thought it was over, but he’s still trying to do me”, and to the I never seen that before, why does it hurt when I pee, and is it suppose to look like that. Sex can be at times a beautiful topic

Gasp: So on your Facebook page you have this thing called BO Knows. Could you expand on that?

BO: The Bo KNOWS is just me talking from experiences. I think its some things we think we know but we don’t know and sometimes it takes someone to bring that conversation up. Bo knows 15 reasons why men cheat and 8 of those 15 reasons are because they can. They can have the best chick at home and men still cheat because they can, what’s better than good pussy, brand new good pussy and I didn’t make that up, so men cheat because they can.

Bo also knows some other interesting facts but I don’t want to tell you about them. I figured you may need to see one of the Bo KNOWS list yourself to understand where that question comes from and why I felt the need to mention it.

So listed below is a Bo KNOWS

Bo knows,

Men that say that all they want to do eat is your pussy is lying. Doesn’t no man only want to eat pussy. It’s an old saying that goes, with every action there’s a reaction

Bo knows,

Sex is only good if she cums. If she didn’t, what a big fucking waste of time. If you don't know ask. But if you got to ask, she didn't.

.Bo knows,

Too many women are not being truthful about what goes down in the bedroom. Its too many cats out here thinking they put it down like Bo’ Ellis and let me tell you something, they not but that’s another story

Bo knows,

If she is in a shitty mood after the go down went down, something was not done right or long enough.

Bo knows,

If he eats your pussy, he is, even if he doesn’t say it, expecting you to give him head. I say do it and I strongly agree with me saying you should. With that being said ladies, if he don’t eat you good or right, don’t go out your way trying to give him the best head he ever had

Bo knows,

Ladies that keep saying how they can’t put the whole dick in they mouth while giving head should do a little less talking and focus more on your technique or what better way to position yourself. Anything is possible

Bo knows,

Men with small dick don’t fuck long and deep, they fuck close and quick. Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat pat, that’s how it sounds

Bo knows,

Ladies that say they don’t want or like to get the shit fucked out of them are probably not or haven’t recently had the shit fucked out of them

Bo knows,

Ladies that be talking about how they can’t do anything because they are on they cycle is what the dictionary calls selfish. It is some things you can still do. You go on and do those things and I will just owe you

Bo knows,

It’s no such thing of a man that doesn’t eat pussy, he just not eating your pussy. Get a mirror, put it between your legs, and ask yourself a question, would you eat a pussy that looks like that. Come on ma’ groom that mutha fucker

Bo knows,

Ladies that say size doesn’t really matter are probably use to or currently fucking someone with not a lot of size

Bo knows

It’s no such thing of a woman that doesn’t like to fuck; she just doesn’t want to fuck you. Real talk.

Like I said, let the shit talking begin and back to our interview Mr. Ellis.

GASP: What projects are you currently working on?

Bo: I’m hoping to be on the punany poet’s tour. I figure they need a guy what better guy to have than me. That’s me being cocky right now. I’m also working on my new CD Bo-Job like the word blow – job, bedtime stories II. I also have my book Bo-etry coming out soon, it should have been out but I keep adding to it. I am also hosting an event in Orlando, Florida called Sensually Spoken taking place once a month which is where I currently reside.

GASP: So you do dress pretty nice what makes you the unofficial best dressed poet in the game?

BO: I take how I dress very seriously. I like to look good and I like seeing dudes look good, especially young guys. I like to see young guys dressed proper or as they say classic. When I see guys with their sleeves and pants legs to long or to short, it gets me I’ll give on the spot corrections if I can, I’m military. I have a company called wardrobe architects where I help men pick out clothing based on who they are, the event their attending, or what they may need the clothes for. I take dressing very, very seriously when it comes to men.

GASP: I like that, most women also like to see men dressed nice, Ill definitely need info on how to reach you for that at the end of the interview. So what makes Bo-Ellis the king of Erotic Poetry?

BO: I don’t think there is another guy that does what I do on stage as far as erotic poetry.

I would say at least 80% of my audience wants to fuck me afterwards, the other 20% wants to fuck to they just don’t want to fuck me and I’ve been told my poetry makes people want to fuck.

GASP: We know you perform erotic poetry and we want to know is it true, do erotic poets get extras like women and/or men throwing themselves at you, unusual sex offers, or is it just shit talking?.

BO: I get the same amount of attention as a stripper does except I don’t take my clothes off. If I'm fucking somebody I’m fucking them but when you talk about sex the way I do on stage it comes with a lot of attention which keeps me in the single status. I understand that it takes a woman with a lot of security to deal with a man getting that attention.

GASP: Your poetry implies your getting it but ok could you expand on this quote I viewed on your page that I adjusted for my blog that says “erotic poetry is not poetry its just entertainment?

BO: Some poets say that erotic poetry is not poetry because it’s not helping anybody grow. Some say that erotic poets are just trying to get some pussy and that may be true but other types of poets who may not be talking about fucking may also be trying to get some pussy. So the idea that erotic poetry is not poetry is me being sarcastic or contradicting myself because erotic poetry is poetry and it can be entertaining. But just because you do an erotic poem doesn’t mean its going to be entertaining.

GASP: Hmm interesting, so what has been your experience as a punany poet?

BO: I think the punany project is the best. I tell Jessica all the time that her fans come to the show wanting to hear the sexiest, the freakiest, the wildest, most erotic poetry and everybody is cool with it. I feel like I’m around people that think and feel like I do. The audience feeds you a lot of erotic energy and their ready for whatever takes place

GASP: So if you can leave one message to the world what would it be?

BO: Be responsible, there are people out here sick, I’m blessed that I don’t have to walk around with something for the rest of my life or to not have a story to tell for myself. I wasn’t as responsible as I could have been and I’m fortunate to only have kids out of my own situation. So be responsible

GASP: Thank you Bo Ellis for your time, it has been a pleasure, is there anything else you would like the world to know.

BO: I’ve been celibate since last Christmas. Sike.

If you would like to find out more about Bo Motherfucking Ellis you can find him on youtube@boellispoet, on Facebook@BoEllis, on Twitter@bomfellis, and on instagram@Bomfellis.

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