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Don’t you just love that? GASP.

Welcome back, Its February, (the shortest month of the year) Black history Month, (I’ve celebrated black history since my birth) and Valentines Day. (Love is something that should be celebrated everyday with everybody) But I will not bother you with my conspiracy theories (yes there are plenty I could go into) instead I am going to use this months blog to spread love, black love, beauty, calendars, lust, erotic events and erotic businesses and of course everything will have something to do with some black grown and sexy poetry, people and poets. (No disrespect to anyone at all)

So here listen to this ( ) while I straighten up the GASP boudoir from last months play time with punany poet Bo Ellis & the punany project creator Jessica Holter. Yea they were simply beautiful and just a reminder, Jessica Holters artwork can be found at, punany tickets at and you can reach Bo Ellis regarding Wardrobe Architects or booking on facebook@BomfEllis.

That’s one of my favorite songs and since love is and should always be simply beautiful I shall begin with some other beautiful things.

Did ya know?

  • Going down on a man or woman is good for your health

  • Giving a massage while also having intercourse brings you closer

  • There are 9 healthy reasons you should have sex every night )

  • Kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute ( got that one from a John Goode meme)

Now this last one I’m sharing because I’m a women and I just think it’s very, very good information


(I found that on a meme too, isn’t that just amazing how words work and yea the Coochie part comes from me)

Now I gave you this information because everybody expects to get some on Valentines Day, this info will help you get some every day. If love is in the air, lets make it some good love by twerking it with some extras on a daily basis.

For me, the last month has been amazing, interesting, crazy and emotional and yet I’ve managed to perform at one of our featured poets birthday party, perform in front of Zane, Take-over the Apache w/Adams Rib on a 3rd Sunday, and get some really great love and support from some amazing women. I also started this endeavor but I do some other things and each month I’m going to share one of those things. I sell black history calendars at every show I perform in. The calendars are amazing according to me and every home should have one on their wall. (

I’ve been selling them for about 3 years now, every day of the year has black history on it, and it is the perfect gift for black history month. I have them with me everywhere I go so if you get it from me it gives you the opportunity to come check out some of the shows I’ll be in this month. I work with Bent publishing so even if you order online I’ll be happy. (You can find out where I’ll be as well as other poets in the events section)

While you’re viewing the events section lol consider this a thank you from all the poets who would like your support. As you can see there are some great erotic events taking place this month and I hope to see you at one of them. I know, R Kelly, disregard the artist and enjoy the song I feel the same way. Lmbo, but I have more, I know and you know that sex, love and relationships can be a workout but we must also workout in our daily lives by keeping fit and eating right. So I have a black fitness and nutrition calendar thanks to my friend John Asanga (not a poet but works with poets). He is a personal trainer and the creator of the calendar so check him and the calendar out at

I told you I was gone spread some love so let me continue by introducing you to our features. This black man is humble, disciplined, and military. He’s seen some things and done some things sexually, at least his poetry says he has. He is a reserve officer in the Air Force, and although we think we ready for everything we may not be ready for all he’s got to say, lucky for us he puts it all on stages in his poetry and his books. His name is Freknardo (pronounced Freek –nardo) and he is everything the name implies.

My second feature is known for loving something. Her name is Tina ATL. She is the queen of Erotica in Atlanta Georgia; she is a sexual educator, CEO of her own Production Company, and host to some amazing shows in Atlanta. But like I said she loves something, so check out her interview and find out what exactly that thing is. You know I got to keep you in suspense that way you will anticipate my writings as much as I do plus I really love bringing these awesome poets to you.

So let us continue, as mentioned earlier I’m spreading love so here is the next burst of it. I know we don’t like to talk about it or tell anyone but we all ( I think all) have a toy, for women it’s a bullet, dildo, etc, for dudes its cock rings, swings, or some stamina thing but usually if your with someone long enough you will find out what their little extra or fetish is.

So I’m going to take the luxury of introducing you to another one of my friends because all these people are my friends. That’s me being cocky; in any event my friend’s name is Ace. (Not a poet but works with poets) Ace has a business called The Pleasures Yours and yes the pleasure will be yours, I was not ready for some of the things Ace has to offer but I’m sure someone out there is, so check him out

Oh yea, I forgot to mention last month that I have a virtual venue on this site. It’s called the Tropicana and you can go there and check out videos of Jessica and Bo as well as Tina and Freknardo. So check that out when you get a chance.

I also ran across some awesome poetry on a couple of sites, so this month you will be getting some beautiful poetry from Mr. David Winns Jr. and next months feature Mr. Ulysses Clark alongside this months featured poets. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and yes I realize that outside of Tina I’ve introduced you to all men. No worries, next month it will be all women alongside our male feature. I got this; remember I know how petty you all can be. Lol

So let’s see, did I give you all the beautiful things I was offering?

We got two amazing poets that you should check out and get to know. We got two awesome calendars and two businesses, well three businesses if you count mine, we got some new poetry to talk about, and we got five awesome sex tips, so why not close this one out with a little lust and love in a poem from one of our future features, and the epitome of grown and sexy poetry, Dichotomy the Poet. Look to learn more about him in the future.

I know they say that good things come to those that wait, But I have been longing for this moment every since we chose to date, So this has been more then a lifetime in the making And tonight is the night there is finally no more waiting, Take my hand and relax, I can feel your palms shaken' Tonight I will worship your body, it is no longer forsaken. Pull you close to me as your hands slowly start embracing my spine, Firmly grasping your pelvis I start pacing my grind, Turn you slowly to the front while I am facing behind Slowly placing kisses on our neck you are tasting sublime I can feel you still trembling but you tell me you're fine you're inclined to believe that I am not like the rest You're convince a little more each time my lips are placed on your neck and my locks tend to tickle as the gently lay across your chest As your head slowly tilts forward I start massaging your breasts As I get you undressed, I mention my only intention was to be your best…. See tonight is the night that we finally lose control, Your mind tells you to leave but your body will refuse to go, I am memorizing every inch of you that you choose to show, I have found all I am searching for so you can lose the clothes, Every thing you have on except for the shoes can go, As I place my arms between your thighs lift you up press against the door, Place my charm on your inside, no bed you choose the floor, All of your insides and out I do explore Lips that felt soft on your neck seem softer between your thighs, Alternating sucks and licks with a flicker of the tongue while I look into your eyes and just before you reward me with your surprise I raise up to enter you slowly to achieve what others have tried I know what you told that other guy that he was the best but we both know you lied… Be confident, say yes, you can lose the why... Ill give you everything you've every wanted you just need to choose to try. -Dichotomy

There you have it, the beautiful things

See ya on the next tour and love ya


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