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Frek-Nardo - Let the Nastiness begin..

Let me introduce you to Master Sergeant Flenardo Taylor. This handsome black man is a member of the United States Air Force with 21 years in service this June but when he’s not serving his country he’s serving the nastiness on a stage under the alias of Freknardo ( pronounced freek-nardo). But I don’t want you to take my word for it, so let’s start this off with words from Frek-nardo.

Tongue Always Listen

My tongue belongs in your Motherland.

Tasting sweetness of honey created by God hands.

Playing on your pussy lips like I’m performing with a jazz band.

Waiting on the sound of your moans to escape your throat. Thirsty for your knowledge. Your wisdom I can swallow. Flood my face with the creation of the human race. Dance in my mouth until you orgasms sparks a fire.

Become a nasty beast, no sheets

Just raw fucking, toe sucking, thrusting and bucking.

Fuck my face until it fades away. Shout eat this pussy!

Squeeze your muscles on my lips. Now spin around and choke on this Our kisses rage a tongue fight for submission.

You are going to love me before you cum for me.

I am going to fuck every man that ever been in you, out of you. Now beg for me to cum. I can’t hear you. Beg for me to cum! You moan yes Daddy. A couple more thrusts as I dig my nails into your ass cheeks.

I lay you down and beat my dick while you rolls your tongue and plays in your pussy.

I’m going to wet your chest up with my cum. Extra juice for your face. I’m not done yet because I love eating what I spray. Tongue wiping you down until you part your legs. I’m going back in until I break your eggs

And swallow your yokes. I want a crook in my neck and a sore throat.

Fuck me like you are pissed at me. Abuse my face. Scratch my back. My face is your battle zone. Chastise my life, whip my emotions.

Tonight every hole on your soul is my mission

And when this dick is hardheaded. The tongue always listens.

Freknardo’s favorite quote "I write like a virgin but I perform like a whore" and I would agree he is definitely a whore on stage but I’m sure like me, you are curious as to where all this comes from and how a military brat, born and bred on McClellan Air force base in Anniston Georgia, finds himself doing such raw and uncut erotic poetry.

Rewop: So where did the name Frek-Nardo come from?

Freknardo: I worked at a retail store when I was 16 and there was this older woman that I had a crush on. I used to always talk dirty to her and she told me she was gone call me Frek-nardo and it stuck. Most people don’t realize that my actual name is Flenardo.

Rewop: So how did you get started doing poetry?

Freknardo: Back in 92, I tried rapping but I couldn’t follow a beat too much. In high school we had a senior show I called myself trying to get on stage and rap I performed about 3 lines and got booed to death so I stop rapping and start reading poems. People start feeling it and it probably was corny but after that moment I knew I wanted to be a poet. I‘m really a late bloomer I been writing since 93. I started performing in 2000.

Rewop: Tell me about Frek-Nardo

Freknardo: I tell people I love the word Freak because it means abnormal, unusual, different, it’s deeper than erotic. I just want to be a different type of poet I tell people my poetry is pretty much everything from spiritual reality to erotic. I’m pretty diverse. I’m a poetic whore.

Rewop: So tell me about the poetic whore? What is that about?

Freknardo: My first book is called the Poetic Whore. It is an urban fiction novel.

Rewop: Oh you’re an Author too, tell me more.

Freknardo: The poetic whore is a novel about Malachi a spoken word artist who has everything a man can desire, money, power, and a chain of upscale nightclubs alongside an escort business but between his joy of performing and his life as a pleasure purveyor, his wife goes to far and creates a scandal that leads to the death of……..

Rewop: You will have to read the book to learn any more about it. Lol, how else am I going to get you to support these poets? Back to Freknardo…

Freknardo: I am currently working on the sequel to the Poetic Whore entitled Married to the Pen.

Rewop: Besides the urban fiction what other products do you have? Do you host any shows? Are you performing anywhere?

Freknardo: I have four CD’s, which can be found on my website, they are entitled, the Erotic Scriptures, Spoken Word is my Life, Freedom and Spiritual Healing. I currently host a show in Anniston, Alabama called Peerless Poetry after Dark every 2nd Sunday of the month. We are going on 3 years in February we have two floors, one floor with a live dj and the other floor with a live band. My next performance will be March 19, 2016. This will be the 3 year anniversary show of Peerless Poetry after Dark and you are all invited.

Rewop: Speaking of you performing you stated earlier that Frek-Nardo’s favorite quote is “I write like a virgin but I perform like a whore” can you explain?

Freknardo: This means that as a poet I should always write like I am picking up the pen for the very first time. By doing this I will stay humble and filled with passion but once I hit the stage I give the world a show that will be talked about for years to come. I take the good with the bad, there were times I went to places and they didn’t even call my name and I was the first person there so when coming to an open mic I had to be vicious I’d be like they got features, I only got one shot so I got to tear the roof off this mug even though its an open mic and even though I am shy and humble.

Rewop: Do you get any backlash being a poetic whore on stage or lose fan base due to your topics?

Freknardo: You know what’s funny I don’t say I get a lot of backlash because I have so many styles but the biggest thing I do disagree with is that I lose a lot of female fan base sometime because some people think that when you do erotic poetry your suppose to automatically sleep with them and when it don’t go sometime they stop supporting me and that’s one thing I hate, it could be that a lot of others have ruin the game, but I hate losing a fan, it hurts I lost two this year. I hate that but it’s ok though.

Rewop: So being that you are a whore on stage are women throwing themselves at you?

Freknardo: I’ve had a few women come at me when I go places. I learn to be humble because I don’t want to mess up what they like. You know, they like your work, and if you get into that, it can go sour, and I don’t want any rumors put on me. It’s not the poetry; I have done poetry at churches and got women’s numbers. I’m glad I got a late start though cause in my 20’s I probably would have messed it up I was buck wild out here in these streets.

Rewop: So do you promote safe sex? Are you doing any HIV/Aid’s activism?

Freknardo: Erotic poetry actually got me involved in HIV/AIDS activism. I do raw safe sex poems.

Rewop: Raw safe sex poems, explain?

Freknardo: I’ll give you a backdrop of that. Someone asked me to do an AIDS conference and I never wrote anything about aids. I just did the research and this lady hit me up who has had AIDS for 31 years, she has become one of my best friends I’m hoping to meet her in person sometime this year, she put me in about 12 Aids groups on facebook and she asked me to write some erotic safe sex poems. I found a picture of this women sitting on this mans lap and he has 12 arms behind him….

Rewop: I’ll let Frek-Nardo’s raw safe sex poem tell you the rest….


She is anxious to ride my lap and serve me a piece of ass.

Another jump-off that refuses to ask about my past.

Does she even know the places I have been?

Or how many times I ran in them raw to feel their skin.

Maybe I should tell her about the whores in Juarez I fuck

Or The Juice girls in Korea that mouth was perfect for a dick suck. An explorer that cross borders to complete my orders

A street dealer that shoot cum in the fiend eyes.

I'm nasty as they come

But since I am good looking. All she wants is dick and tongue.

More claps than a standing ovation.

Big crabs like Red Lobster working in my pubic hairs like mobsters run the streets. I am nasty but you are about to fuck me without asking about my past.

You don’t give a damn about your Status;

You don’t give a fuck if I have been tested.

So if you catch something,

Consider it a blessing for being dumb

And wanting cum on your tongue. I am going to give you head and watch you rest your head on the pillow like the chick from last night.

Hell I didn't change the sheets because we are doing a one night stand

And I'm m not your man. Thirst is before Knowledge and my past is not important to your health.

If I open my mouth wide. You'll see a picture of Death.

These lips have been in holes deeper than that Canyon in Arizona

But I am about to put them on ya.

I have stroke this dick in all nationality.

I’ll never discriminate because I am a dog and I’ll shit on the human race.

But what the hell, these are my thoughts and I haven’t been tested and since you don’t give a damn about my past.

We are just going to fuck a

And my past won’t care about your ass

Or your future Status.

Rewop: Wow, that’s a hell of a way to inform someone of your past partners. Yep I would call that a raw safe sex poem.

Well, as you can see Sergeant Major Flenardo Taylor a.k.a Freknardo is doing great things in the world and writings of erotic poetry. He is raw uncut and no holds barred and with 2 live Crew and Too Short playing as his background music be prepared to get the unusual, the abnormal and most of all be prepared to get nasty.

You can find him at www.Freknardo,com or check him out on Facebook@Freknardo



Soundcloud@ Freknardo


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