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Tina Atl - Lovin Dick

When I mentioned this beautiful illuminating sister in my blog I told you she loved something and that I was spreading love this month so we are going to start this by allowing her to tell you what she loves.

Loving Dick

(I...Love...Me some...Dick...)

Big dicks

Small dicks,

Short dicks

Long dicks,

Thick dicks

Thin dicks,

Banana curve and u-turn dicks.

Dicks hanging down,

The ones that's two feet from the ground.

Dick with cold balls or warm balls,

Nicely shaven...cause

I -can't- stand-no -hair-sticking-between my- teeth-or inside the lining of my...cheek walls.

Dick with walnuts, acorns, or peanuts,

I enjoy the variation of dicks that... love me,

Sex me up and dicks that just wanna cut

Flip flop...jaw drop,

I like those dicks that can barely fit inside my mouth


I like it when they throb and pulsate

The way they make them rock back and forth, and rise up on their on estate.



Just another name for those dicks.

You see they come in all shapes and sizes,

Length, width, face, and form.

The average person don't know them like I know them.

This goes for the guys who had a dick all their life

I can tell the difference between a real dick and a fake dick,

A too young dick and a dick that's ready to ripe

Cuz I have dick intuition,

And I can tell your IQ if you just let me hold that dick... in my hand.

It does something to me when I hear and see pants unbuckle, zip, and that dick budge out,

Gets a sista like me all tingly and bothered

….riled up and slobbbb-bbbin at the mouth!

Especially when they're exposed and pressed up against my clit or chest,

It makes it challenging for me to choose the type of dick...i like the best.

It could be a midget dick,

New dick

Rich dick

Poor dick

Middle class or low income,

Hell...I’ll take a food stamp dick,

‘Cause a chick gotta eat when I get home.

Dick that if you blink, you just might miss it

Dick that look like a polish sausage

Dick that if you rub on it a couple of times, you're guaranteed three wishes

Dicks that's just enough for bait you could actually go fishing

Dick fully grown,

Dick made of rubber and requires double D's whenever I’m horny and home alone

Dick that causes tears to run down yo' face

Dicks that you can wrap...around...yo' waist

Angry dicks

Sad dicks

Dicks that made you wish you had a dick!

Nicely stiff dick at attention...

Slightly bent to the front,

If I had a dick...that would be the type of dick that I would want

Because some...dick....

I like them very athletic ...playing sports

And when they’re free at home, I like to watch it bounce back in forth in those boxer shorts

Whether they’re a white, blue, no collar wearing pants,

I still like those dicks that belong to ANY HARD working man

Pink dicks,

Brown dicks

Tri color dicks

Dark chocolate dicks

Dicks with that beauty mark on the head

Dicks on a rainy morning that makes you wanna stay in bed

Dicks with that long thick vein

Dicks so wild you can't help but to tame

Dicks that like to wear jewelry on top

Dicks that can go so long, you want to throw the towel in,

And say...stop...damn...stop!

I'm talking...pinto











I love them in all nationalities too!

And with those men with dick heads SWOLL

Like fat ass mushrooms,

I like to put my mouth on them and go...


Because some...dick...!

Not only does she love it but some of us love it too. With that said let me tell you about Ms. Tina ATL, known as the Queen of Erotica in Atlanta, Georgia. She was born and raised in the streets of Decatur. She is CEO of Purple Pearl Productions and when Tina hits a stage she leaves you thinking about what you might love sexually, and she educates you on how you might want your love sexually.

Rewop – So Tina how did you get into writing about loving dick

Tina ATL – I’ve been performing poetry for 11 years but when I first started off busting my cherry I went to the Apache to perform. I was there early I signed up and I performed near the end of the night and it seemed like nobody understood what the fuck I said. I heard crickets, so I said, “let me flip the script”, I took a 2 year break and came back with the erotic side of me and start talking about stuff most people don’t usually talk about like sex, love, lust, sensuality and everything in that arena and I just stuck with it and it seem like most people would vibe from it and learn from it and so that’s how I got started with it

Rewop – Yea, I agree you will learn something at your shows and the vibe you set is amazing as well. So what brings about these lessons on stage?

Tina ATL –Most times when I’m on stage I’m nervous as hell. I am so nervous I be shaking, people cant tell that, but what I do is I just go back, whatever poem I do, I go back to where I was and who I was with and I recite what happen and I tune out everybody in front of me and just let it be who I was with or the experience I was going thru. I just let it be me and that up on the stage that way it will come out how I really felt about it, that way the audience can capture what I was really feeling.

A majority of my erotic writing comes from experiences that I’ve had in my life, it could be right after something I’ve just did or it could be something I’ve thought in my head about a person that I want to do.

Rewop – So tell me some of the educational things that you teach when performing?

Tina Atl – Well I like to teach couples how to bring the love back into their relationships. I educate on ways to do that. So I teach Sex-ercise which informs couples about the different sexual positions, Oral Fixations which focuses on oral sex and the various ways in which it can be done, Tantra which encourages couples to be aware of one another visually while enjoying a sexual experience and I also educate on BDSM.

Rewop – So where does one go or how does one find Tina Atl if they would like to get in on this education you’re offering?

Tina Atl –I am CEO of my own company called Purple Pearl Productions and we put on several events throughout the year that features erotic poetry and other sexual things but for those who are a little shame about coming to erotic stuff I have an event called Winter Word Wind Down which is coming up March 19, 2016.

As for my completely erotic events, I have a women’s only event called Mental Stimulation which features an all male cast, I do an event called, “Ménage a Trois, A Late Summers Night Dream”, and my baby, an event called Naughty Nights. I also host two shows in the Atlanta are. One is called Titillating Tongues which is going on 5 years in April and the other show I host is called Natural Aphrodisiac which is apart of Bohemian Circus here at Apache Cafe.

Rewop – Well since we are talking about what you’re doing, do you have any CD’s books, awards?

Tina ATL – I have a book which was publish in 2006 called Men Spirations, it is a collection of sensual poetry. I have 2 CD’s, one that goes with the book Men-Spiration's and another one called,” Erotic Tap-Out”. Just a little secret I’m giving you all; I have a new book being released in a couple of months entitled, “SEE – Sexual Explicit Experiences”. I will also be releasing a new CD this year so look for those little pop-ups.

I won, up and coming poet, in the National Poetry Awards. I also have a Black Poetry Café Award (BPC) I have also been nominated for various different awards here in Atlanta but those are the only two I have so far.

Rewop - So now that we got that out the way. Being that you’re an educator on all things sex involved tell me are men or women for that matter, throwing the dick at you? (Yes, some of us think were swinging down there. Lol) Are you doing the things you speak about?

Tina ATL – I’m gone be 100 because that’s what I am and that’s what I express in my poetry. Everything I talk about is the truth if I said it I’ve done it and the person who has been blessed to experience it knows it I truly cannot write about something I have not experienced if I don’t like it I write about it like I have one poem called, “No backstage Pass” and that because I did not like anal and would not have anything to do with it but once I experienced it I wrote about it, I haven’t put that poem out there yet but when I experienced it I told the truth and I’ll try it again with the right person. And yea I get stalkers, women and men just crazy stuff

Rewop - So what kind of crazy stuff has happen to you as an erotic poet?

Tina ATL - I’ve had couples who hit me up who wanna do threesomes with me. I’ve had women and men sending me naked pictures and telling me what they want to do to me and I’ve had panties thrown at me. Yea, it’s been some crazy stuff.

Rewop – I knew somebody was getting offers for something. So what has your experience been as an erotic poet? Do you get good or bad feedback from your work?

Tina ATL – Actually I’ve had both throughout the years I’ve took it, learned from it, build from it, ignored some of it, but I’ve had both and you grow from it cause everyone has their opinion of what they like and don’t like but your not here to please everyone. We were not meant to.

Rewop – Are there any artist that helped you get started or heroes that encouraged you on your path as an erotic poet?

Tina ATL - I’m gone put it out there because I've always love this lady before she knew who I was, because I follow her. I will give it up to Ms. Georgia Me. She is one beautiful sister and her advice is awesome. Had I not taken her advice I probably would not be where I’m at in the poetry game. She heard me do my Loving Dick poem in Rex Georgia and she told me to memorize it and make that piece my signature poem and I did. She has always been a big influence to me and throughout the poetry game. I really respect her and what she does for herself and for others. She will give you that confidence. She really helped me and I could go on and on but yea she was a real big influence on me.

Rewop – If you could tell the world one thing what would it be?

Tina Atl - Be yourself, Be 100, Be real, and live your life to the fullest cause you only have one life so live, live it to the fullest.

Rewop -So Tina Atl is there anything else you want us to know

Tina Atl – yep, I’m a Jamaican, I got ten jobs, I’m a poet, I’m a sexual educator, I bartend and I figure model. I do customer service and yard work. I clean houses and offices and I do hair. Oh, and I use to do medical so if you decide to choke on something I can help. Lol

Rewop - Thank u Tina Atl and if you would like to attend Tina’s shows you can find her on Facebook@TinaATL, and on Instagram@Tinaatlpoet.

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