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Your Sex Kitten - Novacane


I'm your Sex Kitten

Your .. Concubine misses


Without any consent

Without any permission

I'm going to purr...

When you caress this

Fine skin


Light skin

You dine in

I've opened up the China cabinet

And let you have a taste

Let you lick the plate

Desert on Egyptian cotton

Daddy eating better

Than the pharaohs ate

And we can do it anywhere

We've got those frequent Flyer miles

First class members of the mile high


High speed getting choked up on mile nine

On the kitchen counter where I knead

Yes I need you now

Who is Novacane?

Her bio says she is a very promising poet, a new business owner, published beauty model and a national brand ambassador. And these things are all great but like her bio, the question should say, what is Novacane?

Novacane is fly, gorgeous, and new to the game of spoken word. Novacane is sexy, passionate and eager but much like her name, not only is she a dope artist, she may be just as addictive. So join me as we enter the world of Novacane.

Rewop – Where were you born?

Novacane - I was born in New Jersey but I been in Tampa, Florida since I was 2 so I'm definitely from Tampa.

Rewop - How did you get your name?

Novacane – My name came from a Frank Ocean song that I was in love with.

I’ve always kind of referred to myself as someone addicting, someone that leaves a taste in a persons mouth whether it be good taste or a bad taste. I just know you leave a lasting impression. I was playing with the name at first, it was just my instagram name, and people started calling me by it and then I started doing poetry.

Rewop – How long have you been doing poetry?

Novacane – I have been doing poetry for almost two years. Let’s see I did my first show in 2014 so I’m new to the game. Real Fresh Real fresh,

Rewop – Have you always done erotic poetry? Is that the direction you would like to go in being that you are new to the game?

Novacane – No erotic poetry is not necessarily the direction that I want to go in. I’m not going to say I’m a very sexual person but I definitely like to be well rounded I like you to know that there is mystery, at the same time, there is sex appeal,at the same time, there is depth, but right now I’m assuming due to my appearance the erotic is what caught on and what seems popular right now.

Rewop - What is your experience doing erotic poetry?

Novacane - Honestly I haven’t had to much bad backlash, my mom may have said something but she has to let me be grown but no I haven’t had too much bad backlash. Now here in Tampa they don’t really appreciate it but that’s because the poetry scene has more of a conscious older base and that’s what their used to.

Me coming up and not rapping, and doing erotic can seem like a stab in the back to the conscious base but that just makes me want to write more and explore different styles and use bigger words, so I can consciously, erotically fuck them up.

Rewop – Fuck them up then. What made you use mystery in your performance? For instance the sex kitten video exudes a lot of mystery?

Novacane - I’m very open to love generally I want to be relatable I want everyone to feel I'm relatable. I want gay men to like me, straight men to like me, and women to like me, so at the end of the day I need to appeal to all their eyes. By having a handsome straight attractive man in the video that gives men the idea that I like men but it also gives gay men eye candy, then I deal with women which fires men and women up. It’s not necessarily a marketing thing for me, it’s a lifestyle.

Rewop – Do you write from your experiences?

Novacane - My poetry is never going to be from another person’s mindset I like direct experiences and if I haven’t experienced it I don’t feel like I should talk about it, because then its not real anymore

Rewop – Do you have iany CD’s or books?

Novacane - I’m working on my personal brand right now. With me doing poetry outside of my city I have to handle the business part being that I tour with the punany poets so I’m working on having some merchandise as well a getting all the business licenses to turn my open mic into a entertainment business. I’m working on book that would come with an audio book because people like the way I talk and they appreciate the cadence of my voice so I think an audio book with a book would be a good idea. So yea I’m working on it

Rewop – You have an open mic, tell me about it.

Novacane - My open mic is located in Tampa Florida and it is called Smoken Words I am the founder, host, and creator of Smoken Words and my event will be one years old on April 14, 2016. Were having a big event and your all invited.

We have had to move 3 times due to our crowd growing. Smoken Words has grown from a free event to now we charge all night long. I can’t wait to see what Smoken Words manifest into.

Rewop – How did you get into doing spoken word?

Novacane - Actually I started modeling, I started doing the spoken word like I said 2 years ago I used to write as a child and I even won a few competitions but I put the pen down and just picked it up to get some stuff out but then I went and heard a brother name Mike Reed I believe he is from Philly I cant say he is my favorite poet but he opened my eyes to the performance aspect of poetry. I m appreciative for that. When I went to see him he was very captivating.

Rewop – So I ask all my erotic poets this question, are they in your inbox, stalking you,

Throwing draws, or is it just entertainment?

Novacane - I guess it depends on the person you are. I’m assuming those poets that have an arsenal of erotic poetry, they got pussy getting thrown at them, they got to. You know to much information got to much experiences you know to much I get a lot of female attention I do and I guess when you like poetry your not just into someone beauty or looks so I don’t get panties or titties I get girls writing me poetry in my inbox asking me can you read this, can you read that I just don’t have enough eyes in my day…lol

Rewop – What has been your experience as a punany poet?

Novacane - I’m pleased; I’m very pleased to have been inducted into the punany poets. It’s a great experience to be able to travel and I'm absorbing so much from these women that have been doing this for so long, so their seasoned. To see there confidence on stage, work and everything has been a learning experience, it just gives me more energy and the punany poets is a great place to learn in and I’m just absorbing everything. I really appreciate Jessica and although we don’t talk all the time when we come together we are up for hours talking and I feel so honored, and for her to say she sees my work going somewhere it’s really cool, because she is so accomplished.

Rewop - Before we go, are there any other words you would like to bless us with?

I would say find a outlet, a creative outlet, a safe outlet whether it be writing singing painting, something creative, there are to many children getting in trouble now, if you are sitting down painting or writing, you sit down for hours which keeps you out of trouble and parents don’t encourage creativity anymore. So yea find a creative outlet.

Always remain creative and express yourself and to urge your children to safely express themselves.

If you would like to find out more about Novacane, you can find her on twitter, instagram, and snapchap @novathenymph and you can find her on youtube and facebook @Novacane. In the meantime, let her finish what she started…

Not now but right now

And I do not care how loud

I do scream

How proud I howl

You bring out the beast in me

When you ease in me and

Feast on me

Practice makes perfect

And baby I'm learning

Baby I'm earning

The title

The trophy

Your fire

Now I just wanna say your mine

And know it after the 69

This is your ocean, you’re potent

God of the sea, Come to me

Could you ever imagine?

Being the captive

Of a bad bad bitch

A stone cold killer

Ya know...

Hand cuff you to the bed

Make you notice

My hips, my lips and the slant of my eyes

Your enchanted, Surprise

Leather, lace and chains

I can erase the pain

Now you’re hooked on the cane

Doped up, roped up

You've fallen victim to my game

Novacane baby Novacane

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