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Divine Rhymez - The Art of Sexuality

So I had to interview this black man twice, my life is so crazy but they say the second time is a charm and it definitely was in this interview. So I shall start with his words.


Known to make ya pussy leak And ya nipples reach there peak Giving u every inch of this perfect ten, fucking you to sleep Then eating u awake as a greeting Drinking from ya cup like early morning coffee I was taught not to play with my food, But what if my food wants to play with me? Dance with me… Dutty Wine ya clit in mi mouth as mi tongue is Gyrating SHOCK like the 1st time ya parents caught u masturbating Or the 1st time u was willing to practice fellatio Like the time when you came from the kiss on ya lips That i gave thru ya panty hoes Tickled your waist-line, use my teeth as clamps to remove ya panty hoes I devoured the innards of that pussy and like a dehydrated dog, I left u panting….hoe Cause within my presence I am master and you’re my Bitch Captured your motherland, Traveled across your raging ocean so ya pussy can endure Another 400 yrs of sexual enslavement I WANT you to be a SLAVE to this DICK… Unforgivable like Diddy I am King like the 13th And everyday on the 13th hour I ODER For my peasant to SERVE ME… Role play with the 4 play Lay u down like flat soles, Ride your curves like a drive on lake shore, Then have u call 9/11 from leaving the pussy deeper Than the hole at Ground Zero… Giving a new definition to the word camel toe Whips and chains can come later, Right now I just want to birth my dick inside of you Like a reverse labor Midsection risen, appendix piercing, Uterus Shifting… Forcing an arch in ya back deep enough to crack a disk If you fuck me once, for the rest of your life you will have scoliosis If u fuck me twice, ya pussy will catch arthritis Now if you fuck me 3 times, You will be in heaven asking God to reincarnate you As my next slave’s vagina cause THAT’S how much you like it Baby don’t try to fight it I am indicted to unlock, complete, and fulfill all fantasies… They say oil and water don’t mix, But I love how it feels when your baby oiled ass Rides this lubricated dick… Going 95 in ya lane in the rain and i pray that i slip Instead of telling, just bring ya friends Sexual Edible Condiments Its Group therapy and I’m over seeing all of it My dick is like a horse pill and she find it kinda hard to….


Yes, he is kind of hard to swallow and he hasn’t even finished yet. His name is Divine Rhymes and as he states, “I’m a little bit of a Mid-Western swag mixed with some southern hospitality” but there’s more, not only is he an amazing poet, he is handsome and he practices polyamry. I know you not ready; I’m not either but let’s step into the world of Divine Rhymez.

Rewop – Where are you from?

Divine Rhymez – I’m born and bred in Chicago, but I’m a city boy with a country heart. Even in Chicago, I loved the trees and I knew where my people were from. I was well informed on the great migration so in my opinion anybody from Chicago who is aware of their history needs to get in touch with their southern roots. The funny thing is my people in Chicago say I sound southern. My people in Atlanta say I sound Midwestern but I get asked daily, where are you from? Africa, the Caribbean. I guess my voice just reflects the whole Diaspora. Lol

Rewop – What has been your experience as an erotic poetry? Are you getting good/bad feedback? Are they in your DM?

Divine Rhymez – No they are not in my DM if I understand the question. I definitely get good feedback. I’m always open to constructive criticism. When I first started at the time I was the only one doing erotic poetry at the time on my college campus. My poem 302 and sex addicts anonymous were wrote in college I was on campus performing these poems and was being told I was too erotic due to the imagery.

There’s a difference between erotic poetry and sensual poetry, lets clarify that.

You can be sensual and still not be erotic. A lot of people tend to gravitate more towards sensual poetry, its like soft porn on HBO, its there, but not too much in your face. Erotic poetry is a little bit more explicit. Not explicit to the point of just talking about dick and pussy. To be an erotic poet you have to be a little bit more creative you have to master the sensuality and the explicit in what I consider erotic poetry.

Rewop – So tell me about this lifestyle? What is the lifestyle? How long have you been in the lifestyle and how does poetry go with the lifestyle?

Divine Rhymez – Being poly-amorous or being a polygamous has been dubbed “the lifestyle” in the Atlanta scene. In my opinion, experiences and according to what I see what initially is the lifestyle is being a swinger but being a swinger is usually with couples. I have been in the lifestyle since 08, 09 ish but there are several ways in which the lifestyle can be practiced. Some people get into it thinking it’s all about sex but it’s not its more than sex, it’s about building friendships, and relationships with some ground rules that ask what is it you do what it you don’t do is. Some people don’t do anal; some people don’t kiss or want to be touched. “The lifestyle” is such an intense personal relationship in that

Rewop – Do you perform in places that are catering to “the lifestyle”?

Divine Rhymez – Yes, I used to host swingers parties and I’ve performed at lifestyle events. I have an event coming up that I will be participating in if you are interested in finding out more. This event takes place in a private location April 1 thru 3 in Atlanta it is entitled The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat and you can get more information at The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat

The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat

Visit the post for more.

Rewop – So now that you gave me all that information I need to know why they not in your DM? It seems to me you pretty seasoned in some things.

Divine Rhymez – Everything that look good aint good for you. I watch how people maneuver like there have been some people that I have been interested in but before I bring it to their attention I see how they maneuver and how they maneuvered just wasn’t to my liking and then even more so and I strongly dislike that this word is being overly used and trendy now. The word being sapio-sexual which we know means being stimulated and aroused by the intellect of another person. Well that’s the quickest way to get to me that lets me know there’s more to you then just sex. The mind is a very beautiful thing, and a lot of people have beautiful bodies but horrible minds.

Rewop – That was pretty deep, ok then, my poly-amorous poet. Do you have any CD’s, books, awards? What do you do on the side?

I was the winner of the 2010 Zane Sex Chronicles Poetry Slam and I’ve gotten some other awards but I don’t claim them. I don’t want to be like, I’m the best local poet, and I’m trying to be one of the best national poets. So there are greater things to accomplish I’m a renaissance man, I’m a Dom, I was working for Michael Kors, but now I drive fulltime for Uber, I’m a mentor and I skate board. (Yes black people skateboards in Atlanta)

If you could leave one message to the world what would it be?

Divine Rhymez – There are three types of risk in life. The 1st one is the risk you can afford to take. The 2nd one is the risk you cannot afford to take.

The 3rd one and most important one of all is the risk you cannot afford not to take, you have no choice but to just do it and whatever it is you need to do you already know.

Rewop – Well you have given me a lot to reflect on. How does one reach you if they should want to enter your world again?

Divine Rhymez – I can be found on facebook, Instagram, @divinerhymez,

Rewop – Well it has been a pleasure speaking with you Divine Rhymez. I guess you can finish what you started.

And if that’s the case, Baby put my balls in ya mouth and gargle it As I start the ritual of enslavement to your friends She’s feeling my penis from deep with in While spreading the others girls legs and start French kissing While she’s kissing on you Satisfying all of yall’s oral fixation Cause after this, the longest yall can go is a week without A dick or pussy in ya mouth Got ya feeling dirty like the south Just how daddy whore angels should be Cause there’s nothing in this world you wouldn’t do if it was ask by me Like dominatrix at dominks Reinventing sex with a combination of Karma Sutra positions and P90X X marks the spot in ya box that is checked Like Xbox i’m holding the controller Connected to my whore soldiers, That does ANYTHING that daddy told her… Bringing salvation to ya armies with PUSSY to donate When ever hormones get irate… Yo…aren’t u tired of trying to have 3-somes with niggas and all they do is masturbate? U never get ya pussy ate? Well a twist of fate brings about a change once you become


Like Michelle to Obama, That nigga been pussy whipped b4 anyone heard the name Osama Or like Zane addictions to sex chronicles rather if we know If she does or does not get fucked But if she was to ever meet the man who won her poetry slam She too will know what’s up Squirt water-marked scriptures thanking me for her NUT I want to melt in your mouth like a strawberry creame saver My SEX SLAVES SUCK DICK LIKE PETITE WOMEN WITH BULIMIC BEHAVIOR Lifestyle of the rich and famous and you NEVER have to claim it All you gotta do be be my slave is tell me what ya name is, And I’ll tell you what the game is. Fuck what ya need; just tell me what ya like And I’ll give ya what ya need, After you TAKE THIS PIPE!!!!! Thirsty females be asking am I hiring, And i tell them, “Where they do that at?” Yall can submit yall applications to what use to be Star Jones Back FAT And THAT’S THAT! After ya Nikki has been in a Minaj Then come holla at me about ya SEX SLAVE CONTRACT……..

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