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It is June, and I am psyched because I have achieved several dreams that came true in the last month. So, let me tell you about it.

I am a friend to Tamika Harper (dream). I am a part of the Tamika Fest (dream). I debuted my spoken-word play The Coochie Chronicles in Atlanta (dream). I featured alongside Malik Yusef (dream). I featured alongside Sunni Patterson (dream). I met, sat, and talked with Jill Scott (ultimate dream). I am just saying dreams do come true. (You can find pics at

I have decided to use this blog to share the story of one of my dream’s manifestations since they do come true. My first time ever truly meeting Tamika Harper a.k.a. Georgia Me occurred at my first attendance of the Tamika Festival known then as the Tamika Fair. But first, let me give you some background.

I have been following Georgia Me since HBO Def Poetry as well as most of her fans. I even made it my duty to see Def Poetry on Broadway to simply see live performances of her and Black Ice. I did not think I would ever end up meeting her (not even in my dreams). So, several years later, Georgia Me is featuring in Cincinnati (where I was living at the time) and I am one of the performers in attendance. However, there is a problem. (Here’s a clip of her on HBO Def Poetry –

Yes, there was a problem, Georgia Me forgot her earrings to go with this wonderful, black, yellow ,and green summer dress she is wearing, and who of all people has on the perfect pair to match her dress? That would be moi, but here is the best part: the earrings I had on were handmade by Theresa tha Songbird, and they looked awesome in black, yellow, and green. Georgia Me and I rocked them all that night. Sometime later, I am determined to get to the Tamika Fair.

I was so determined: I convinced several friends to accompany me immediately to Georgia from Cincinnati for her fair/festival. Nevertheless, we missed the entire Niggods (all brothers performing) event because it was done at the last minute. I am not completely sure, but I think we got there at the last minute. It is day two, and I will not miss Queendom Come (All Sisters performing). We got there and saw the show, but we did not get to sit or talk with Georgia: she was busy being the amazing, fabulous person and host she is. So, although I am a little disappointed about that, no worries because is Theresa tha Songbird (Georgia’s friend n mine), M’reld Green (Georgia’s friend and my friend) and Manny 9one of my close great friends from Cincinnati and the photographer for Georgia’s event at my table. (I am thinking, no way I’m not hanging with Georgia Me, tonight) Well, my thoughts were right on point. Not only did we hang with Georgia Me that night. We hung at Georgia’s house with so many poets; I cannot name them all. They put us on front street, capped on us, made us all perform for them, laughed with us, shared their poetry with us, taught us, drink and ate with us, simply had a good time with us, and we’ve been friend’s every since. Now it is 2016, and my play is debuting as a part of the Tamika Festival. Plus, Georgia Me is in the cast for the second time. All I can say is God is amazing, and as Georgia has stated “your wealth is in your relationships.” It really is. (Here is another of Tamika’s favorite songs –

There are a few unique things about the poets I know. I know some of them personally, while I have just performed with other or just met. All of them have been brought to me through my relationships with them or through someone I have a relationship with, and I truly believe they would not allow me the opportunity to share them with you if they thought I was on some other. (Whatever other is for you?)

So yes, your wealth is and can be in your relationships. I have a pretty good relationship with Tina Atl since she decided to tell me about our first feature for this month. His poetry is called Wet-Verses and his writing is everything the name implies. You will be wet if nothing else after listening to Mr. Dheeaba Dongrer (Pronounced Dee-ah-bah Dong-Grey). Dheeaba has been doing erotic poetry for over fifteen years, and not only is he a poet: he is a photographer, actor, and punany poet. (I told you punany poet’s outchea)

My second feature is a wonderful, amazing hair stylist and poet out of Columbus Georgia who goes by the name of JA the Loctress. JA has just begun her journey into the world of erotic poetry, and she is enjoying the ride. When she is not styling natural hair in her recently acquired hair studio, she is inspiring other women and blazing stages. So, please check out my article on her coming in the latter part of the month.

So, now that I’ve introduced you to my features and told you about how I met Ms. Tamika Harper, I think it’s only right that I share some wonderful memes that the Coochie Chronicles shared as part of our social media marketing. These memes are to uplift black women, inspire black women, and encourage black women wherever they are. We are more powerful than we could ever imagine. When we wield that power in true love and light to ourselves and others, only then will things begin to change. So, enjoy these memes my sistas, and do not forget to take the time to uplift yourselves and one another. Remember, dreams come true. (Tamika on the Monique show –

– Girl you betta follow yo dreams with yo cute self

– Dear young black man the streets don’t love you but we do

– Big lips are a blessing

– Healing is an art – it takes time, it takes practice, it takes love

– Black women in a room full of art. I’d still stare at you

– Confidence is beautiful – no matter your size, no matter your weight, be confident in who you are and you’ll be beautiful

– Do more of what makes you feel awesome

– My dear you deserve orgasms and laughter

– Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you

– They hating but they taking notes

– You are a queen, don’t let no man or women half love you

– Whenever I feel down, I just put my hand on my vagina for a minute – holding that much power always cheers me up

Please take the time out and check out

You can check out the virtual venue The Tropicana where videos of some of the artist I have interviewed can be seen and the Gasp section is where the articles on my features can be found. when your finish viewing that, check out some of the other bloggers, writers, check out the tpwl radio station, post your poetry events for free, buy poetry product as well as other items, this site is international and everything is here. So do yourself a favor and check it out.

Yep this blog is a little short but I’ll be back on full next month. Yall know I been busy.

Until next month, love ya n coooooochieeeee.

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