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GASP Like I always say, Don’t you just love it….

It’s July and it is hot hot hot in the Atl and probably a hundred other places so excuse me while I make me a cool drink, in fact you should do the same and listen to this while you’re doing it. (insert Will Smith Summertime)

I must be honest with you all. I have been going through it physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whether it be feeling all the pain that we as a people experience globally and personally, finding myself in tears at the mere thought of all the disrespectful , unconscious and conscious actions committed against black women everyday or the very real promotion of sexual and spiritual confusion we are being bombarded with on a day to day I sometimes feel as though I am going crazy and maybe I am but this is not about me this is about not writing, not wanting to write, and sometimes just being unable to write.

What do you do at these times?

I want to know in fact I need to know so please comment, send me a poem, (a sex poem preferably) lol. Even an emoticon will do I need to know that I’m not the only one.


My feelings are hurt, my mind is hurt, my eyes are hurt, and I’m tired, tired of the death, tired of lies, tired of dishonesty, tired of being unable to do anything about anything and everything, tired of speaking and not truly being heard or listened to, and tired of actions not fitting words, I’m just tired and yea I’m hurt and maybe that’s also why its been difficult to write but I’m not going to bring you down with my woes instead I’m going to uplift you and the amazing being you are by sharing some of the steps I have taken to even be able to sit down and write this very blog and my current articles.

The first thing I did to get back into writing was find some inspiration. For me that meant attending various open mics in my city, watching YouTube videos of various poets I know and don’t know (HBO def Poetry, NPS, Southern Fried) There are tons of poets online these days young and old check them out I promise someone will inspire you.

I also like listening to music that makes me feel good. I listen to some of everything but right now I’m listening to Lukas Grahams 7 Years (insert link) thanks to Georgia Me. This song makes me think about my family and as crazy as we are I love them and this song reminds me of that love. But there are so many other great artist to listen too, listed are a just a few. (Jill Scott, Bilal, Goodie Mobb, Al Green, Ro James, 8 Ball & MJG – yea they totally inspire me)

Another thing I do is read, a great book always inspires me to write whether it be self help, revolution, or some good ole Zane. (She will have you writing your first erotic piece if it’s not your forte I promise)

Something else that inspires me that you might even want to try is just talk to other poets. Conversations with poets can go all over the map, touch every topic, be sprinkled with comedy and compassion, make you wish you had a video recorder, touch your soul, make you cry, improve your writing, perfect your performance, tickle your soul, make you mad, sad and glad but that conversation will be worth its weight in gold and you will appreciate the wise words wherever they may come from.

Another option I’ve tried to get inspired is yoga. It definitely helps you quiet yourself and slow down your energy. I am everywhere in thought and actions meaning I truly cannot sit still and yoga has allowed me to stop occasionally. If this interest you I have some amazing friends, (you should know if you been following me) but any who my friend Xpj7 and Richard Shabazz offer yoga classes at Total Core & Body Salon in the Atlanta area. (You can find both of them on Facebook as well as the salon)

Like I said earlier my goal is to uplift you and the best and final way that I find to inspire myself is prayer. (Whatever that is for you) In prayer I find myself the quietest and stillest for reasons beyond me. I also find that for me it allows me to organize my thoughts, like I said I feel a lot and prayer allows me to simmer the rage, anger, and pain that comes along with feeling everything. (Real talk, people are hurting and I feel it)

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you as they have helped me (the idea of writing this blog was a challenge) now on to the amazing poets I have for you this month. By now you get that I haven’t been able to write so you should understand why you didn’t meet this amazing sister last month. She is a hairstylist and emerging poet out of Alabama and she has something to say. We call her Ja Tha Loctress (because she slays some locs) but her name is Jaquetta Copeland and it brings me great joy to introduce her and her writing to you. My second poet for the month is non other then the man himself Mr. Cola Rum. He is not only a beast on stage but my stepping game has truly improve thanks to this amazing artist so stay tuned to cause from this point on out it only gets bigger and better.

So let’s see I’ve given you some pointers on getting inspired to write. I’ve told you about what’s going on with me and I’ve mentioned my featured poets for the month of July but rather than end this with a poem which is what I’ve done in the past I’ve decided that for the next couple of months I’m going to share the poetry of some amazing people we have lost. Let’s start this with the words from some amazing comedians because Laughter is great for the soul and a great option for inspiration. Love yall and thank you all for supporting

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