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Jaquetta Copeland “Taking All Challenges”

You should have met this amazing black woman during the last month if you read my blog. There is no need to worry about it because I had to get right in order to write. Now, I am slowly rising from my little funk, so I have the honor of introducing you to this fabulous grown woman. She goes by the name of JA the Loctress. She is an up and coming poet out of Phenix City, Alabama. She was born in Rochester, New York, and she has been writing for a while. However, she was introduced to spoken word via open mics and performing at church in Phenix City. She has been hitting stages every since ever since accepting a challenge to write a poem in church at Phenix City. Here is JA the Loctress.

Rewop : Who influenced you to begin writing poetry?

Ja the Loctress: I would say my dad was my first influence in poetry: he used to read me love letters that he wrote to whatever lover he was with at the time. So, that’s probably where my first interest came. Once I got to college, Maya Angelou and Edgar Allen Poe and just taking writing classes and English classes sparked my curiosity about writing. So, it started like that.

Rewop: So, how did you get into erotic poetry?

Ja the Loctress: I got into erotic poetry because I was going to shows and participating in workshops, but every time there is an erotic show, I’m sitting down and would never speak. And then someone dared me to do a erotic piece at the next open mic, and there you have the birth of the piece you’re featuring “All in The Head.”

Rewop: Do you have any books, CDs or anything like that?

Ja the Loctress: No, I’m working on my CD, right now, and hopefully one day, I’ll have enough to have a book, but yea that’s all in the works because this wasn’t planned. You know it was just something I was doing, and I didn’t know that it was a whole lifestyle behind it. That’s the newness I’m encountering, now.

Rewop: So, how do you feel about the poetry world?

JA the Loctress: I love it. Every time it’s new. There some people I love instantly, and their some people that, you know, have to grow on you. I’m still new to it that I love everybody. I don’t have anybody I hate at this time. I don’t have anybody. that’s my favorite because I love everybody. I just love that people can get up there and have there freedom to say what they want to say even if you don’t agree.

Rewop: I ask all the erotic poets this question. Are they in your dm? Are they stalking you? Are they throwing underwear at you since you started?

JA the Loctress: Actually the weird part about my poem “all in the head” is it brings women and husbands to me asking me for a copy of it to take to their significant other. That’s the response I get I don’t get to many people coming at me with the negative stuff. I got one guy one time asked me to give him a blowjob and he was like, “well you up there talking about it”. I said, “sir if you listen to the poem, its not just talking about a blow job, but that’s all you heard so I know where you at”.

Rewop: So, maybe we should read JA’s words to understand what would make a man go to the extreme of asking for a blowjob.

So how’s it hanging?

On the left or on the right

Does it sit on the scrotum or hangover slight?

While soft sometimes it’s still craved

With some hot smooth balls recently shaved

And I’ll plan how to approach it and pondering an old venture

Suck it geriatric removing my dentures

That’s sucking on a dick with no worries of teeth

Gumming the mushroom like it’s flavored with beef

The taste of his moans I craved in my sleep

With erections of semen placed ever so deep

In my throat

It had the secrets uncoded by diction

Dictating vibrating lubricating with friction

The pulses of flavors of us then bust

When Kundalini spots G with zero in thrusts

And s*** I came too when I heard how he said baby I’m coming

But it was all in my head, my mind had been f*****

From laying in the wet

I drowned and his pheromones VapoRed with sweat

And he was still standing in Timb’s so there could be grip

I started on my knees and then a squat so I could bounce with that s***

The waves reward orgasmically and watered the bed

He got Posturepedic that’s sucked from the back available when only inches see the cream of his come never stops any of my motion

That dick is still hard with a pineapple potion

So I jumped on it fast but slid down slow

With a shiny spit Synergy slipping sinfully so

Then I spit salivating spontaneous glows it grows

With synchronized slurping followed by blows

He was feeding me cock with ingredients to f***

I turned upside down with so that nothing would have obstruct

I 6 passed his 8 and humm on his balls

Gag just a bit inhaling my jaws

The dead is never done and filled with great wealth

A portal of armies but can’t suck itself

So labia labeled lips that speak clitoris but have not a tongue

Give pussy that beat and pleasure is sung

He climbed up on high so it could face south

I said simulate f****** me right in my mouth

Show me The Strokes how short turn too long

I love sucking dick and ain’t nothing wrong

My thoughts had me higher while 12 Play played on repeat

Them 4 20 song sessions, can y’all feel that heat?

Naughty naked taboos always go unsaid

And this fellatio felt fantasy was all in my head

Rewop: Nice JA, I would have asked for a blow job, too. Lol. So, back to the interview. Are you getting any backlash from performing erotic poetry being that you started in a church doing poetry?

JA the Loctress: Well, most people that know me are okay with it. If you don’t know who I am, it can kind of rub you the wrong way. I think I’m very comfortable in my skin, so if you know that about me, you’re okay and will not take offense by anything I say. But, normally someone who does not know me… it takes them a few minutes to get past the rawness of me.

Rewop: Where did your name come from and what is the Giraffe thing?

JA the Loctress: I’m the Loctress ‘cause I do locks. I have locks. I create locks, and we rock our locks. I specialize in natural hair and getting people to transition back to their natural hair or just become comfortable in wearing and loving themselves in their natural state or form. Giraffe hair is my perspective on my hair styling meaning we can have ten thousand people with locks in their hair, but each person’s hair, texture, styling or color can be different just as a giraffe. There are thousands of species of giraffes but no giraffe has the same spots. This started because when I was a little girl l, my grandmother didn’t know how to braid, so she gave me two ponytails and a little boy called me a giraffe. It hurt my feelings because I didn’t know what a giraffe was, but when I got older, I looked up giraffe and it said that giraffes have a unique perspective over every other animal in the world.

Rewop: It you could leave a message to the world, what would it be?

JA the Loctress: Don’t say what you can’t do if you have never tried.

Rewop: Will you explain?

JA the Loctress: I told this story, earlier. Someone asked me how long I have been doing hair and braiding. I been doing hair since I was young girl but braiding. I was telling myself that I could not do it, and I’m working in salons, but I was limiting myself when it came to braiding. People would come and ask me to braid, and I would say I can’t do it. I never tried, so one day, I was in the salon. Someone wanted their hair braided, and I couldn’t do it. I was walking home, and I swear this is the conversation I had. God said,“Why do you tell people that you can’t braid”. I said, “because I can’t”. God said, “go to the store buy a pack of hair and braid your daughter’s hair when you get home.” I went to the store, bought a pack of hair, and braided my daughter’s hair like I been braiding, everyday, and God said, “don’t ever say what you can’t do, if you haven’t tried.”

Rewop: Are there any unknown special skills no one knows you have?

Ja the Loctress: Yes, I discovered my painting ability, so since January, I went from oil painting to acrylic painting, and now, I been selling my paintings at some of my shows and where I do features at, and it’s just really amazing like another way to express my creative juices when I cant write.

Rewop: You can find JA on Facebook and Instagram under JA the Loctress, and she can also be found at her studio located at 3513 Summerville Rd Phenix City, Alabama or log onto

Thank you JA the Loctress for talking to me. Until next time, you all. Much Love

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