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 About Rewop



Rewop’s goal is to create, share, hone, write, learn, and educate while being innovative, original, spiritual, political, radical and revolutionary, bringing her craft of spoken word to the masses.


She is committed to her craft and the continuation of the spoken word legacy

She is actively committed to becoming a service to the global community through the use of verbal and written communication and she continues to exemplify and promote the art of spoken word through workshops, performances and community action.


Rewop is originally from Oakland California but Cincinnati, Ohio is where her poetry performances began and also where Coochie Chronicles Spoken Word Stage play came into fruition based on Rewop’s chapbook entitled Coochie Chronicles.  This play has been featured on various stages in the Midwest and in the Georgia area.


Rewop was a member of Cincinnati’s first slam team, an active member of Ra Poets Society, and a founding member of Society’s Tongue. She also was vice president of the University of Cincinnati’s only slam team, “Slamcatz” and has recently been inducted into Adam’s Rib, led by Tamika Georgia Me Harper which is a collective of some of the hottest female poets in the world. She is also a member of the Punany Poets, led by Jessica Holter which includes some of the best erotic spoken word artist in the world.

Rewop was an editor to the GASP section of the online magazine and you can check out some of those articles on this website.  

Rewop is host of Erotic Soul a monthly event held at the Apache XLR and co-host of the Georgia Me Perspective And.  She is also apart of the Atlanta Black Burlesque Collective YAMMs.  Rewop has performed at Essence Festival, Urban Ski Weekend, Jamaica, and a host of other cities.  She has also featured on Sunni Pattertson's Golden Mic and in Jill Scott's Words and Lyrics  Tour.


Rewop has hosted, produced shows and performed at a variety of venue and she had been blessed to create the I KNOW Campaign which brings HIV testing & condoms to various spoken word events. She is curently performing in Atlanta and around the country. If you would like to have her at your event, venue, school, club, birthday party, festival and/or Revolution contact her at 678-82GAME1 or 678-651-0317 or you can email her at



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